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Welcome to the Bedford School Association (BSA)

The aim of the BSA is to promote engagement across the widest possible alumni grouping in order to create a sense of attachment and an active network which positively supports Bedford School. In more recent years the School has taken a more “inclusive approach” to attempt to make all alumni feel most welcome. With a more joined up approach we feel that more can be achieved. The BSA supports the work of the BPSA, Parents Guild, Old Bedfordians Club and Foundation, and wants to help all of these organisations flourish. It also aims to build up strong relationships with Past Parents and Friends of the School particularly within our local community. We recognise that all of these organisations are largely dependent upon the good will of volunteers who do a fantastic job.  

We are thrilled that more and more people want to be associated with Bedford School and join us at a variety of events and gatherings. Throughout its history the School has meant a lot to many people, and whatever their particular connection, we hope that they are all proud of their association, now and in future years.

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Please note that Bedford School Trust is not part of the Bedford School Association and is a charity independent of both the Harpur Trust and Bedford School Foundation. Bedford School Trust does not run planned fundraising campaigns or appeals.


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