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OB Golf Club

Ninety years after it was founded, the OB Golf Society is thriving with a membership of over 100 Old Bedfordians, many of whom take part in regular fixtures.

Golf is now also becoming recognised as a leading minor sport at Bedford School and a new and valuable collaboration between the School and members of the OB Golf Society has recently seen members help fund specialist coaching to support current School boys in developing their golfing talent.

The coaching currently takes place at a Bedfordshire golf club where the resident professional played on the European circuit and whose considerable expertise is helping the boys perfect their skills and technique – something practice alone is unable to achieve. At the same time, a new member of staff with a recent Golf Blue from Oxford has been able to add coaching expertise and enthusiastic commitment.

Tom Langley-Poole (96-06), Ed Kent (98-07) and Maxwell Thomas (96-06) are just three of the boys who have benefited from the scheme and they all took part in the Halford Hewitt – the leading tournament for Independent Schools’ old boys. A number of other promising young players are now coming through the School which has had considerable success in the last year at both local and national level on the schools circuit.

With the scheme and this success, Bedford can increasingly legitimately consider itself one of the leading golf schools in the country. As a result, there are now ambitious plans to expand the scheme in the coming years.


Members over 25 years old: £10 per annum

Members under 25 years old: £5 per annum

Thank you to all of you who have a standing order in place. If not, please can you set one up payable to OBGS bank account 51454718; s/c 60-02-13. Apart from having some fun, the main raison d'etre of the OBGS is to enter the Halford Hewitt Competition. This is a prestigious competition for 64 schools. No school has opted out of the HH for fifty years. and it is unthinkable that we should do so. The cost of entering this year is £750. As an edjucated OB, you will be able to calculate that we need a sub from 75 members to cover only that item. Subs are due on the 1st of February every year. There are a few members, no longer able to swing a club who pay different amounts via old standing orders.

OB golfers interested in being involved in the OB golf society or in supporting the development of golfing talent at the School are invited to get in touch with the Hon. Club Secretary Iain Pratt via email ( ) or contact the OB Club office


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