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OB Swimming and Waterpolo Club

The first OB Swimming Gala in many years took place on 20th March 2010 following discussions between the OB Club and the then, new Master i/c Swimming, Claire Geneve.

Captained by Matthew Gerlach (97-08) OBs competed against the School’s current Senior and Junior team, including both individual events and team relays. Despite losing the majority of matches to a fit, spirited School team whose confidence grew as the gala progressed, OBs readily agreed to a re-match the following year when more recent OB swimmers pledged to take part. Plans are also underway to re-introduce OB Water Polo.

Many thanks to the following OBs who swam: Matthew Gerlach (97-08), Andrew Mahon (97-04), Henry Chow (03-09) and Jimmy Wong (03-09) and to Andrew Desborough (99-09) and Matthew Gerlach (97-08) again for helping to set up the 2010 gala.

Sadly, the lack of time to organise further events meant that 2011 and 2012 did not see an OB Swimming Gala. However, as 2013 commences and in conjunction with the schools new Master i/c of Swimming and Water Polo, Elida Calleja Rubio, the OB Swimming Gala has been reinstated along with an OB Water Polo match afterwards. They are much anticipated amongst OBs with an aquatic passion and they promise to be a highlight of the day. The events will take place on Saturday 16th March and will start at around one o’clock with the Water Polo beginning at 2.45pm.

If you want to take part in the OB Swimming Gala, the Water Polo match or even better, both then do contact one of the OB Swimming Club Officials or alternatively contact the OB Club Office.

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