Boarding and Day School for boys aged 7 - 18 years

Subscription Information

Members over 25 years old: £10.00 per annum

Members under 25 years old: £5.00 per annum

Apart from having some fun, the main raison d’etre of the OBGS is to enter the Halford Hewitt Competition. This is a prestigious competition for 64 schools. No school has opted out of the HH for over 40 years and it is unthinkable that we should do so. The cost of entering this year is £660.00. As an educated OB you will be able to calculate that we need a sub from 66 members to cover only that item. Standing Orders are convenient to pay and receive, and may I suggest that most of you would not notice a tenner less in your account. So please fill in the S/O including your bank’s address and return it to me. I will forward it to your bank and keep a record thereof.

If you require a Standing Order form please contact the Secretary, Iain Pratt.

Subs are due on 1st February. There are a few members, no longer able to swing a club, who pay different amounts via old standing orders. These are gratefully received.


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